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Gary Faulds: Live Frontier

Gary Faulds: Live Frontier

Tickets available from £22.50

Frontier is Gary Faulds journey into the unknown, will we find aliens on mars? Can I get Turkey teeth? Will I ever call my Mum’s boyfriend Da? Can I do yoga without farting? Will the yoga lassie let me back after fart gate?

An action-packed hour of relatable comedy from Gary who just wants to be a better version of himself, but what steps need to be taken for that to happen? How do normal people live the life of these six pack Spartan gods on Instagram who have never have bad days or bits of doner meat stuck to their teeth?

Buy tickets now, come to the gig, turn off your phone and get lost in his madness. You never know, you too could one day be an 18 stone morbidly obese scheme boy, crippled with anxiety and stretch marks.

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Gary Faulds: Live Frontier  

Events Times

19/08/2023 - 20:00

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