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All Aspects of Angus Local and Family History

Our team specialise in researching all aspects of Angus local and family history. We can trace a family tree, locate one individual ancestor or research the history of a house, school or business. We will tackle any aspect of Angus heritage. We have a vast amount of resources to pull from with over 800 years of manuscripts including the records of all the Angus burghs, Angus County Council, private records, business records, records of societies, schools, poor relief, militia and architectural records. We also provide information from our libraries’ extensive local history collections of newspapers, books, articles, directories, and a photographic collection of images. We will search and provide information from the statutory records of post 1855 births, deaths and marriages, the census, International Genealogical Index and the Old Parish Registers. Subject lists of resources for local topics can be compiled.

Research can be commissioned in blocks of one hour of staff research time at a cost of £30 per hour, and any resource fees incurred, e.g. paid-for access to research websites.

Please complete the research request form.


Please address all enquiries concerning the commissioning of genealogy research to: Angus Archives, Hunter Library, Restenneth Priory, By Forfar

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