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Join, Borrow & Renew

Become a member of your local library and give yourself access to a world of knowledge. Becoming a member is free and once you are a member you will also have access to our catalogue and digital library.

Our Libraries

With seven libraries, mobile libraries and online access, we can deliver information to you wherever you are. Our libraries have well stocked, up-to-date book collections and e-resources.

Mobile Libraries and Home Delivery

Our two mobile libraries serve the residents of rural Angus, providing traditional lending service as well as community information. There is a wide range of stock for all ages. If age, disability or caring prevent you from visiting our libraries, we also offer an excellent monthly home delivery service where items can be delivered to your home.


There's an array of exciting events and activities to join from reading groups to lego activities, there are options for all. We also hold one-off events such as author visits, throughout the year.

Venue Hire

Our Libraries offer the ideal location to host your events, whether it's a wedding, function, networking event, meeting, whatever. Our locations allow you to host them all.

Macmillan Support Service

If you or someone close to you has cancer, if can be a difficult time but we are here to support you so you don't have to face it alone.

Lend + Mend

A new dedicated facility in Forfar Library, which allows free access to equipment to repair, reuse, and upcycle everyday items.

ANGUSalive Libraries' Membership

Official bits and bobs you need to know about your membership

Library Charges

View all library charges

Libraries on the Move

ANGUSalive Libraries are excited to bring to the community of Angus our Libraries on the Move project.

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