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Coached Functional Fitness Classes

ANGUSalive is excited to announce the launch of ‘Elevate,’ a new brand of functional fitness classes at Carnoustie Sports Centre and a Arbroath’s Saltire Sports Centre.

“We are very excited to launch Elevate in Carnoustie and Arbroath. The two settings we are refurbishing were underutilised and it has given us a great opportunity to respond to the rising demand for functional fitness classes and group fitness programmes. It will complement our existing bACTIVE membership and recent gym refurbishments, ensuring people in Angus have plenty of choices to achieve their fitness goals”.

Scott Nicol, Memberships Lead at ANGUSalive

Group PT Environment

Classes are designed to mimic a group personal training environment, with a smaller class size providing a more hands-on, personalised approach to fitness. Participants will benefit from the expert guidance of Elevate coaches, who along with leading the classes will be able to offer coached advice on technique to every individual. This approach ensures that everyone receives the attention and encouragement they need in a supportive environment.

Further plans are afoot to extend the Elevate brand to other venues in ANGUSalive’s Sport & Leisure portfolio, should it prove to be successful.

Rising to demand

“Functional fitness” has become more prominent in the leisure industry and are exercises that focus on everyday movements, improving strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. It is very adaptable for all fitness levels, depending on their needs and goals.

This latest offering demonstrates further investment in ANGUSalive’s Sport & Leisure service, which now boasts nearly 10,000 members across Angus – well above pre-Covid levels – and have recently hired 5 new personal trainers across their centres to meet growing demand through their agreement with Your Personal Training.

“Group fitness continues to grow and has many benefits but we have noticed it helps foster a real sense of community which is something we are keen to grow. We know from experience that it can make fitness more fun and that some of our members have made long lasting friendships from our classes and Elevate will certainly encourage that. Our coaches are excited to get started and we can’t wait to open our doors”.

Lesley Hadden, Project Lead at ANGUSalive

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