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“See the benefits that you have on other people’s lives” – Meg Hendry opens up about being a Health Walk Leader with ANGUSalive

Our programme has been underway for well over a year now, where Healthy Steps Angus – funded by ANGUSalive in partnership with Paths for AllGOGA Tayside and Angus Council – we have been co-ordinating a series of health walks in the communities.

Healthy Steps Angus provide regular, short, free, low level walks led by trained staff or volunteers. These walks are suitable for those who are currently inactive, living with long term conditions or in recovery from illness, injury or at risk of isolation or just want to get out socialise with new people.

These walks are impossible to run without our volunteers who help co-ordinate them and one of them is Meg Hendry.

Meg has just over 1 year ago retired after a remarkable 40 years service with the NHS. Having spent a year in helping and caring for people throughout their challenges, she felt there was still a lot of support she could still offer the community.

Which is where a health walk volunteer position became so appealing.

Watch Meg discuss what it means to being a health walk leader and what you can expect when you join one.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer for our health walks, please contact our health walk co-ordinator Rhona Guild on

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