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Reading doesn’t have to be a chore

We love to hear about the positive impact of Angus library services to Childrens education.

Over 1000 people raced into a book in this years summer reading challenge in Angus by reading 6 books over school holiday time. Some read many more than 6, including the Opata family, who borrowed and read an astounding amount of more than 100 books between them!

Three children Zoe Ikechuku (10) Chigozirim (8) and Kaitochi (5) have become regular members at Kirriemuir Library and their serial book borrowing endeared them to the staff, who soon realised their borrowing had quickly hit triple digits.

Their mum Felicita, reflecting on their children’s enthusiasm of reading said: “My husband and I believe that reading exercises the kids’ minds, helps them to develop various interests and gives them great active imaginative skills. It’s also a productive use of their time. We don’t restrict what they read; we just ensure that it is age-appropriate for each of them.”

Zoe Ikechuku said: “Reading takes me to a whole different world. It has helped improve my knowledge base, spelling, and vocabulary.”, whilst Chigozirim explained: “Reading gives me ideas on what to draw and things to make. I learned new words that I can apply to my studies at school.”

Meanwhile Kaitochi said: “Reading books with pictures is fun and it has helped me improve my reading!”

Sylvia Main Children and Families Library Lead said: “We are so pleased to see The Opata family on such a regular basis. Their enthusiasm for reading is naturally something we love to see being a library service as it helps us demonstrate that reading can spark a curiosity among children as well as being an essential language skill. Reading doesn’t have to be a chore and as you can see, it certainly isn’t for the Opata family!”

Joining an ANGUSalive library is easy to do and you can start your own reading journey today – as well as benefitting from a whole host of other services.


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