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New Gym at Saltire Sports Centre

Brand new gym at Saltire now open!

See the difference in our brand new facilities and feel the difference in your workouts and yourself!

See the difference!

Our updated gym is suitable for all fitness levels and our dedicated fitness team are here to support you to reach your health and fitness goals.

Improvements to the fitness facilities at Saltire include:

  • Fully refurbished fitness spaces
  • The latest gym equipment from Life Fitness and Indigo Fitness including cardio and fixed machines
  • Functional area including training rig, TRX and more
  • Colour-coded training zones
  • Enhanced audio and visual solution
  • Myzone integration to track your workouts and progress

We can’t wait to show you our upgraded facility! If you’re new to the upgraded equipment, be sure to book a tour to guarantee a place. If you’ve already used the equipment in the new gyms at Arbroath, Brechin, Forfar and Montrose, you can just turn up .

Book A Tour

Meet Pete

This is Pete.

If you’ve ever been in the Saltire, you’ll have seen Pete. He’s been working with us since 1996!

Ahead of the launch of the new gym on 2nd of September, we caught up with him as he talks about his time at the centre.

Book a tour into the Saltire now

(PS any recommendations on what Pete should update his music playlist to, he will really appreciate that too…and so will the members 😉)

Brand New Equipment

From weight loss to better heart health, there are numerous benefits of strength training. Muscle mass and strength are essential for everyday functional movements. Our new gym at Forfar includes brand new free weights, squat racks and plate loaded machines. Our fitness team will be on hand to help you if you are unsure on how to use our new strength kit.

Cardio lover? Treadmills, cross trainers, rowers and powermill feature in this new space offering immersive experiences, extensive entertainment options and all the connectivity from fitness apps that you’d expect.

New Training Zones

In addition to upgrading our strength training and cardio areas, we are adding a new functional training zone. Train with purpose and maximise your workouts with our multi-functional training rigs and a variety of equipment suitable for any exercise programme.

 Functional training trains the same muscle movements you use in everyday life and helps to develop movement efficiency, balance, coordination and strength for life.

Our new functional kit includes ski ergs, assault bikes, plyo boxes, kettlebells, a boxing bag and more!

Latest Fitness Technology

We are excited to be introducing Myzone integration – the heart rate based system that uses wireless and cloud technology to accurately monitor your physical activity. Simply wear your Myzone belt or watch during your workout and track your heart rate, calories burned and time exercising, converting these into Myzone Effort Points (MEPs). The Myzone app is your key to connecting, competing with yourself and collecting MEPs.

Myzone technology can also be used to track your workouts outside of the gym, such as whilst taking part in our range of exercise classes. View the Forfar timetables here


 With 7 centres and a range of flexible membership options to choose from!

You can find out more about the different membership options or join ANGUSalive today if you can’t wait for the special offer!

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