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Meffan Winter Show

The Meffan’s Winter Show started as the “Christmas Extravaganza”, an open exhibition with a purchase-prize offered to enhance the Angus fine art collection with innovative and exciting work.

This annual show is now a key event in the Scottish arts calendar, providing an opportunity for artists of all levels based in Scotland to exhibit their work.

Through the contributions of artists awarded prizes at the Winter Show, Angus has continued to develop a vibrant collection of art to be treasured for future generations.

Purchase Prize Winners

Purchase prize winners were selected and announced at this year’s preview evening on Friday 11 November 2023. Our judging panel found the standard of work from professional and amateur artists exceptional, this year we have awarded the Purchase prize to three artists.

Firstly, for the willow sculpture, called “Absorbere” by Steven Haden

Secondly, for the collage with printers ink and lithographic crayon, called “Merle” by Cameron Ross.

And thirdly, for the wire drawing called “Kingfishers” by Philippa Johnston.

These works have been purchased by ANGUSalive to become part of the collection.

Thank you to all the artists, we have been delighted by every submission.

Visitors to the exhibition have the opportunity to vote for their favourite piece which will eligible for the Visitors Choice Award of £200. The award will be announced on Friday 15 December at 7pm, during our Christmas shopping evening.

“Absorbere” by Steven Haden
“Merle” by Cameron Ross
“Kingfishers” by Philippa Johnston
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