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Donating to the Collection

Do you think that you have an object that would fit in one of our museum collections?

Our collection is for the people of Angus, and donations are an opportunity for people to help shape the collection, ensure they are represented within it, and make a valuable contribution to the histories we capture for future generations.

ANGUSalive cares for and manages the museum collections of Angus Council for the people of Angus. We are always interested to hear more about any object that you wish to donate but for reasons of security and public accountability, we have a procedure in place to deal with potential donations.

We cannot accept unarranged donations at the museum which have not been discussed previously with the collections team: please contact us before bringing an item with you to a museum.

We have a collection development policy in place which outlines what we can and cannot accept from donors. To be considered for donation, an item must be at least one of the following:

  • Related to the history of Angus
  • Created or produced in Angus
  • Previously owned or used by inhabitants of Angus

In addition, we can only accept items that are in a stable condition, and that are not duplicated or already represented in the collection.

If you would like to donate an object to one of our museums, please email

Please include as much detail as possible about the item you would like to donate, including any images.

If we decide to accept your offer of donation, we will ask you to complete and sign a Transfer of Ownership form and agree a suitable time to leave the object with us.

If we do not accept your object, it may be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • We already have similar items.
  • Your item does not match our collecting priorities.
  • The item is not in good condition.
  • The provenance of your item is not known or not clear.


Due to ethical issues the collections staff are unable to offer valuations on your objects.  Instead, we suggest that you seek a valuation from a professional auctioneer, appraiser or dealer, who is better placed to offer you a valuation that reflects market value.

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