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Lighting the Future: Museums Galleries Scotland Funding award for Forfar Meffan Museum & Art Gallery

ANGUSalive’s Meffan Museum & Art Gallery in Forfar has been awarded £48,091 through the Capital Resilience Fund for the much-needed renewal of gallery lighting.

The funds will enable more environmentally suitable lighting to be installed, which will reduce energy costs and make a positive impact to climate change by taking steps to tackle energy efficiency.

The ‘Lighting the Future’ project is a long-awaited opportunity to replace outdated gallery lighting and ensure the programme of exhibitions are presented to the highest possible standard. This will offer visitors memorable and immersive experiences with local artists, creative community groups and the unique Angus Council Art collection, managed by ANGUSalive for the people of Angus.

The Meffan first opened on 28 October 1898, housing a library, museum and meeting room. It was financed by Jane Meffan – the youngest daughter of William Meffan, Provost of the town of Forfar from 1817-1819, and from 1823-1825. The building was erected to celebrate the life of her father and was run by trustees for use by the local community, until being taken over by Forfar Town Council in 1922. In 1992 after extensive renovation, the Meffan Institute (as it was then called) opened the new art gallery containing two purpose-built exhibition spaces, one providing a revolutionary flexible lock wall system and both using state of the art lighting.

The Meffan Museum & Art Gallery, as it is known today, now runs a successful exhibition programme each year installing an average of 10 exhibitions by local emerging artists, established local and national artists, creative community groups, educational groups, touring exhibitions and unique themed displays featuring art works and objects from the collections.

ANGUSalive’s Museums Galleries and Archives Operations Lead, Rachel Jackson said: “We’re delighted to have been successful in the award of this funding from Museums Galleries Scotland. The current light fittings which were installed in the 90s are no longer available which has been impacting our ability to show art works at their best when on display. The work is expected to take place in early 2024.”

Lucy Casot, CEO of Museums Galleries Scotland said: “We’re delighted to support Meffan Museum & Art Gallery with their use of new energy saving technologies to improve the space for their community. Investment in long-term improvements for museums helps to strengthen and continue their role as spaces to have fun in, reflect, and share stories.”

You can view this summer’s programme of exhibitions on display at the Meffan at

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