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Monikie and Crombie Parks: Fallen Tree Clearance Work Complete

ANGUSalive and Angus Council are pleased to confirm that the work to clear the main pathways at Crombie and Monikie Country Parks is now complete.

As many residents of Angus will know, Crombie and Monikie Country Park were severely impacted by Storm Arwen and other storms at the end of 2021, where windblown trees restricted access to some paths whilst making the parks unsightly.

Work commenced on Tuesday 5 September with the appointed contractor – K&S Treecare – after felling permissions had been granted.

Colin Knight, Senior Manager at ANGUSalive said “We are delighted to say that by working closely with Angus Council and K&S Treecare, all main pathways are now cleared for people to enjoy both country parks. Visitors will see that trees have been safely stacked alongside pathways at both parks and our team will continue to tidy the paths further over the coming weeks.

“The work has been completed just in time for our Countryside Adventure team’s Halloween trails, and a Christmas trail will follow in the festive period.”

Cllr Serena Cowdy, ANGUSalive Board member and Environment, Tourism and Active Travel spokesperson for Angus Council said: “We know that this has been a source of frustration for the community, not least because people love using these beautiful parks. However, with the work now completed we’re very pleased the community and visitors alike can continue exploring them to their fullest.

“We’d also like to remind visitors that as previously agreed some felled trees have remained to benefit the wide variety of wildlife and ecosystems in both parks, as they provide vital food and shelter which will contribute to the biodiversity in Crombie and Monikie”.


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