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Case Study: Launch of Angus’ Sport and Physical Activity Framework

                                    Physical Activity Framework

Angus is a place where an active life is accessible for all.

From the initial conception in 2020, this unique partnership approach was founded to create, promote and enhance opportunities for sport and physical activity for Angus residents through the development of key partnerships and the founding of new relationships and practices for ANGUSalive.

ANGUSalive looked to develop a multi-partner leadership group to encourage sport and physical activity interactions and uptake across the county of Angus with the objective to create a clear and managed framework to blend this shared vision and bring contributing partners together.

The framework has been developed by a range of stakeholders across community planning, voluntary and statutory sectors. It provides support for local stakeholders in the planning and delivery of sport and physical activity investment, services and opportunities.

Read the full Annual Report for 2021-2022

Dr Sarah Ramminger, Head of Curriculum and Quality Sports and Fitness, D&A College said: “Dundee and Angus College’s 2025 vision is to create more successful students through effective partnerships that change lives and create thriving communities. To realise this vision, we are committed to working with a range of local stakeholders to achieve the ambitions of the Angus Sport and Physical Activity Framework”

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