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Jade Young: 3 things people always get wrong about a LES MILLS Body-Combat class

A fitness instructor taking a class.

If you’ve been in Montrose Sport Centre anytime in the last 15 years, there’s a great chance you’ll have met Jade.

She is our Operations Supervisor, breathes health and fitness and loves providing the local community in Montrose with a range of classes – including online throughout lockdown – with a lovely service to boot*.

One of the classes she coaches is LES MILLS Body-Combat, a high-energy, martial arts-inspired workout that is totally non-contact. It has been a staple of the bACTIVE membership offering for some time and as an experienced coach, Jade will encounter a query or two about the class and what it entails.

But what she also hears is why someone thinks they can’t take part!

Here are 3 simple things that people routinely get wrong about a Body-Combat class before they’ve even stepped in to it.

  1. I won’t be able to do the moves…

    “Well, you won’t know until you give it a go”, explains Jade. “This class is designed with everybody in mind and can be scaled up and down depending on your fitness and flexibility. Although we have varying levels in the class, the end game is exactly the same which is to have a challenging and fun workout.”

  2. It’s a gym class just for women…

    “This is one I get quite regularly and it’s total rubbish!” laughs Jade. “Of course men come to our classes, they slog it and sweat it out just like everybody else. Our classes are for everyone.

  3. There’s no way I can last the full hour…

    “Rest is built into the class so you can get an appropriate breather throughout and at the end of the day, if you’re needing a break and need to take an extra second it’s because you’re working hard, which is exactly the aim. Do what you can, I’m here to support you”, says Jade.

Not tried Body-Combat just yet? No problem. You’re only a few clicks away from getting booked in. Contact Montrose Sport Centre for more information and they’ll be happy to help you.

PS, *Jade is lovely, but don’t mess. She takes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competitively and will take no prisoners if you’re not putting in the work in one of her classes!


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