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Hen Night Horror – An original musical comedy that promises to put the willies right up ye!

This isn’t a hen night… It’s a horror story…with laughs!

 Coming to Webster Memorial Theatre on Friday 5 July, Hen Night Horror a hilarious, new, broad-strokes comedy musical written by Fraser Boyle & Ali Cleland and presented by 5 Brick May productions.  Today they confirmed a fabulous cast full of Scottish “well-kent faces” including Louise McCarthy (The Dolls / The Scotts), Frances Thorburn ( River City), Kim Shepherd (Glasgow Girls),  Matthew McKenna (Rocky Horror Show) and Alan Orr ( The Dolls Abroad).

 Amanda’s dream wedding is only days away but the proverbial has hit the fan – BIG TIME. Her bestie bridesmaids have declared war on each other. Donna has a dirty secret, Lydia has a broken nose and they’re both itching for another square go. Can a last-minute hen night in a remote Highland lodge cover up the cracks? Or will Donna and Lydia crack each other’s skulls open before Amanda’s big day? The nasty feud has no easy fix but it soon becomes the least of the girls’ worries when they realise… they are not alone… they are definitely not alone.

 Hen Night Horror is presented by 5 Brick May productions. It is written by Ali Cleland (a rural Ayrshire lass) and Fraser Boyle (who hails from Fife, now living in Glasgow) Both well-known on the Scottish theatre circuit Fraser met Ali Cleland working together in pantomime and they hit it off instantly. Hen Night Horror is a result of their close, yet dysfunctional friendship!

With the first draft written during the pandemic the duo hosted an invited audience to see the show in 2022. And with feedback which included ‘wet-your-pants-hilarious’, ‘utterly bonkers’ and ‘so funny I couldn’t breathe’, knew it was the right time to share this more widely. However, in very early 2023 Fraser was diagnosed with cancer. Understandably this delayed Hen Night Horror again but gave the writers a chance to continue to work on the show and they are delighted that they can now bring Hen Night Horror to the stage across Scotland for the very first time.

Fraser said “It’s been true labour of love for 5 long years (and about 32 redrafts!) Now Hen Night Horror is ready to entertain audiences across Scotland!  It’s a fast-moving farce with hysterical dialogue, outlandish songs and moments of genuine terror. We can’t wait to see our audience’s reactions.”

Ali adds “it’s a delight to work with Fraser. someone who belly laughs at my jokes and vice versa, and we hope that you will belly laugh along with us! In this day and age people need a laugh more than ever, and we have no doubt that’s exactly what you’ll do when you see the show. Come along and judge for yourself – we DARE you…”

Hen Night Horror has everything for a fabulous and fun night out: a great story, loads of laughs, songs you’ll be humming for days and a few wee scream moments thrown in for good measure!

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