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bACTIVE Benefits Scheme – Terms and Conditions

bACTIVE Benefits is an initiative that allows businesses to enter a low-level advertising agreement with ANGUSalive.

By signing up to the bACTIVE Benefits Scheme (“the Scheme”), you agree to the following conditions:

  1. The Business agrees to donate to ANGUSalive a non-refundable donation of not less than £100.00.
  2. The Business agrees that signing up to the Scheme does not constitute a Partnership with ANGUSalive.
  3. The Business, or ANGUSalive, can opt out of the Scheme at any time, without consent of the other.
  4. ANGUSalive are not liable for the actions of the Business while part of the Scheme.
  5. The Business will adhere to their own licensing regulations (if applicable).

In return for taking part in the scheme, they will receive:

  • A social media post on announcement through our appropriate social media accounts, a place on the ANGUSalive website.
  • A space on the ANGUSalive website for 1 year, on the dedicated bACTIVE Benefits page
  • On all relevant bACTIVE Benefits branding which is pushed throughout the year
  • Any adhoc advertising that becomes available to promote the scheme at ANGUSalive’s discretion
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