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Ranald McLeay

Be Active... Live Well attendee

Ranald is one of the most enthusiastic members we have and is a regular visitor across many of our ANGUSalive services, in particular  our Be Active… Live Well programme.

However, prior to starting with us his world was tipped upside down when he learned he had advanced prostate cancer. Going through the process and procedures had understandably a huge impact on Ranald’s mental health, particularly at a time where the country was locked down with covid.

After excellent service from Macmillan, he was referred to the Macmillan Development Officer at ANGUSalive (Linda Brown) to begin the “Move More” programme. He then started to do more classes right across ANGUSalive, returned to playing golf and cycling and felt physically fitter than he had in 20 years.

Watch this video to hear more about Ranald’s journey with us.

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