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Iya Pavlova

Sports Advisor

Iya is originally from Ukraine and moved to Montrose shortly after the war began in 2022. Moving to a country where she didn’t know anyone, with just her 18 year old son, she had to change her entire life. Speaking little English and concerned about what is happening back in her home country where many of her family still stay.

Iya has since become a regular attendee at the “Ukrainian Speaking Club” which has been set up by the Montrose Community Sports Hub. It has helped Iya and other Ukrainian people who have been displaced by the war to meet up, build a community and learn English. She now volunteers at the club as well as another charity in Montrose, both of which has had a positive impact on her mental health as she gets more settled in Angus.

Watch Iya discuss her move and mental health.

Mental Health Awareness Resources and Events

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