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ANGUSalive Relaunches Venue Hire Service

ANGUSalive is thrilled to announce the relaunch of our Venue Hire service, designed to make booking our diverse range of spaces easier than ever. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, corporate event, or community meeting, we have a whole host of venues of shapes, sizes, and locations to help with your needs.

You can now explore all our available venues in one place, making it easier to view than before. Each venue listing provides detailed information on its unique features, capacities, and potential uses, allowing you to find the perfect space for your event with just a few clicks.

Our venues operate very much on a “blank canvas” view, where the space is yours to do with as you’d like (…within reason!).

Importantly, every booking you make directly supports ANGUSalive as your local sport, leisure, and culture trust where all profits are reinvested back into our Angus community.

So, by choosing ANGUSalive, you’re not only getting a fantastic (and sometimes historic!) venue, but you’re also supporting investment into your community.

From the historic charm and spotlight of Webster Memorial Theatre, the scenic views of the Signal Tower Museum, right across our sports & leisure portfolio, to the quaint and quiet location of our libraries, we have a space to match every style and requirement. Oh, and let’s not forget out gorgeous Monikie Country Park with its marquee and BBQ availability!

For now, to make a booking, we require you to complete a booking form which you’ll find on the venue hire page. We will soon be moving to an online form which we are currently working towards in the background.

Explore our venues and discover the perfect location for your next event today by visiting ANGUSalive venue hire.

For more information or queries, please contact

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