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Reports & Policies

2022 Annual Report

Annual Reports

You can view our most recent annual report above or previous publications below.

The reports showcase ANGUSalive’s journey through its operation over the years whilst highlighting the great work of our service provisions and the fantastic events that have taken place during each period. It delivers case studies from across our service areas, describes our structure as a charity and presents our current board of directors as well as documenting our financial data.

ANGUSalive Annual Report 2021 PDF

ANGUSalive Annual Report 2020 PDF

ANGUSalive Annual Report 2019 PDF

ANGUSalive Annual Report 2018 PDF

ANGUSalive Annual Report 2017 PDF

Gender Pay Gap Reports

Gender Pay Gap Report 2022 PDF

Gender Pay Gap Report 2021 PDF

Gender Pay Gap Report 2020 PDF

Gender Pay Gap Report 2019 PDF

Gender Pay Gap Report 2018 PDF

Gender Pay Gap Report 2017 PDF

Under The Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017, it is now a legal requirement for any organisation with 250 or more employees to publish and report specific figures about their gender pay gap from April 2019 and annually thereafter.

The charges are updated each year (normally for April) and indicate the level of charges for the current year.

1          Hire of ANGUSalive Premises and Facilities

1.1       For bookings out-with normal facility opening hours or for Theatre and Venues before 9am and after midnight (unsocial hours), an additional hourly staff charge will be applied.

1.2       Bar charges will apply when non-alcoholic or alcoholic drinks are being sold.

1.3       Webster Memorial Theatre Bar Prices – goods for resale includes mark-up which will fluctuate in response to inflation, supplies etc.

1.4       A fee is payable to the Performing Rights Society when live or recorded music is performed within any ANGUSalive venues. This fee is based on the type of performance/activity, the material played, and where appropriate, box office receipts. All required returns must be submitted within 14 days of the performance to the relevant office. Payment will be requested by invoice.

1.5       A fee may be charged for filming within ANGUSalive managed facilities.

1.6       Community rate charges will apply to the categories listed below:

  • Local voluntary organisation meetings and events
  • Rehearsals and performances by local groups
  • Local flower, craft, bird or dog shows or similar

1.7       Sports bookings by clubs, organisations or individuals using any town hall will be charged at the hourly rate. Activity examples are football, badminton, boxing, bowls, martial arts, highland dancing, aerobics and keep fit.

1.8       Standard rate charges will apply to all bookings run for business, commercial or political purposes, unless otherwise authorised by the Chief Executive, ANGUSalive.

1.9       For town hall bookings, customers will be given a 50% discount off hourly, daily and weekly Lesser Town Hall charges if they have also booked the Main Hall.

1.10      Deposits and full payment will be required, where applicable, to secure bookings.

1.11      Birthday parties, adult and junior coached classes and 1-2-1 sessions must be paid in full at time of confirmation of booking. The only possible exception to this is for town hall bookings where large party bookings may be booked two years in advance.

1.12      Time for the set up and dismantling of equipment must be included in the booking time submitted by the hirer and will be charged accordingly.


2           ANGUSalive Activities, Events and Ticketing

2.1        Booking fees may apply.

2.2       A commission charge will be applied where ANGUSalive sells tickets on behalf of a community group or a standard rated group.

2.3       Cancellation and refund policy will be confirmed at the time of booking.

2.4       ANGUSalive may, due to unforeseen circumstances, have to cancel an activity/event. As much notice as possible will be given and an alternative will be offered or a refund given.

2.5       Once a booking has been made and paid, refunds will only be issued if ANGUSalive has cancelled the booking.

2.6       If due to unforeseen circumstances, a customer has to cancel a booking they must cancel at least one hour prior to the activity start time. This does not apply to Webster Theatre events/shows or events/shows sold through ANGUSalive Box Office .

2.7       Bookings are non-refundable for those who fail to attend or do not cancel one hour prior to the activity start time (see also 2.6 above).

2.8       Late entry to the activity/event may not be permitted.

2.9       Young people under 18 years of age qualify for concession charges. Proof may be required.

2.10      Group/family rates may be available for up to two adults and three children under 18 years of age. Cost will be based on two adults and one child.

2.11      Discount for concession rates will range between 20-40% of full/standard cost.

2.12      Discount for bACTIVE memberships will range from 1-20% of full/standard cost.

2.13     Babes in Arms arrangements only applicable for identified children’s theatre events and pantomime.  All customers are required to purchase a ticket at the price stated unless a child is under 24 months. Children under 24 months will be granted free entry to the venue, on the understanding that they will not be provided with a seat and will be classed as “babes in arms”.  If a seat is required then a full priced ticket must be purchased.

2.14     Introduction of “Pay What You Can” arrangements.  This will only be applicable for identified performances

2.15     Holiday camps bookings are non-refundable for those who fail to attend or cancel.  For week long holiday camps, bookings can only be made for the complete week and not for individual days. ANGUSalive reserve the right to cancel the activities (a refund or credit will be issued).


3          Sport & Leisure and bACTIVE Membership

3.1        bACTIVE is ANGUSalive’s sport and leisure membership scheme.  Payment can be made annually or monthly by Direct Debit.

3.2        At the time of joining the bACTIVE direct debit scheme customers will pay a pro-rata amount based on the monthly charges applicable to the membership category and the day of the month joined.

3.3       The annual (12 months) membership charges will be based on 11 times the equivalent monthly charge and paid in full at time of start-up.

3.4       bACTIVE LITE is our pay as you go option where members pay per activity in accordance with the sports charges.

3.5       Concessionary Membership is an individual membership available, with proof of entitlement, to the following:

a    Full-time student**
b    Anyone on a work-based training programme (apprenticeship)**
c    Anyone in receipt of:
–   Income related job seekers allowance*
–   Income related employment support allowance*
–   Income support*
–   Universal credit*
–   Working tax credit**
–   Housing benefit**
–   Pension credit (guaranteed credit only)**

These will be reviewed every 6 months for those marked with * and 12 months for those marked with **.

3.6       The Angus Concessionary Entitlement Scheme is an individual Pay as You Go membership where a 12 month fee is payable and entitles the member to the concessionary charges. Entitlement and proofs are as listed in section 3.5.  In addition, adults 60+ are entitled with proof (eg National Entitlement Card (bus pass), photo driving licence or passport).

3.7     To qualify for a junior bACTIVE membership the child must be 17 or under or still in secondary education; proof may be required. Anyone 17 or under must stay at the same address as the main member.

3.8       To qualify for a joint bACTIVE membership, the two adults do not have to stay at the same address.

3.9       Customers who are referred by their health professional to attend BE ACTIVE…Live Well and Macmillan Move More GP referral sessions will be entitled to the GP referral rate for a maximum three month period.

3.10      Customers who are registered as Young Carers will be entitled to the relevant bACTIVE membership category for an individual free of charge. Proof of entitlement is required.

3.11      Customers who are registered as Angus Carers will be entitled to concessionary rates.

3.12      bACTIVE members are entitled to the ‘Extra Value’ benefits as listed on the ANGUSalive website.

3.13      Access to the health suite includes a swim at facilities where there is a swimming pool when it is available for public use.

3.14      Customers who require assistance when using facilities may apply for the Angus Buddy Scheme. This scheme will allow service users support when attending or taking part in physical activity sessions by allowing the customer have a buddy attend a session with them free of charge.

3.15      Angus athletes who are in national squads at Scottish, United Kingdom or Great British levels can enrol on the NASA (National Athlete Support – Angus) Scheme. This entitles them to free use of sport & leisure facilities relevant to their training programme as agreed with an ANGUSalive community sports hub co-ordinator.


4          Sport & Leisure – Clubs

4.1       Clubs must be registered for the Angus ACE (Angus Club Excellence) awards to be entitled to make block bookings at club charges.

4.2       For mixed sessions, where over 50% of the participants are adults the adult charge will be applied for the session and if over 50% are under 18 years of age the concession rate will be charged.

4.3       Any teams using grass pitches and changing rooms to play competitive matches during the relevant sporting season must pay the seasonal charge in advance.

The ANGUSalive management team and board take health and safety seriously and fully endorse our health and safety management framework, “How we manage safety, health and wellbeing”. We will provide the support needed to have this fully implemented, to ensure the highest possible standards of health, safety and welfare are achieved and maintained for our employees and others affected by our activities.

Health and Safety Vision

Our vision is that all our activities will be carried out in such a way as to keep our employees and others affected by our activities safe from harm.

We will achieve this by developing our health and safety management framework, “How we manage safety” to ensure risk is managed and safety is promoted in everything we do. To make this work, we need involvement and commitment from all ANGUSalive employees, positive leadership from our board and managers; and the support of trade union and employees’ representatives.

Health and Safety Commitments

  • Developing a positive health and safety culture
  • Assessing and effectively managing the risks to the health, safety and welfare of our employees and anyone else our work or services affect
  • Providing appropriate and effective information, instruction, training, and supervision to allow all our employees to work safely
  • Providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees, with adequate facilities and arrangements for their welfare at work
  • Providing competent health and safety advice and guidance to our organisation
  • Consulting with our employees and their representatives
  • Working collaboratively with our partner organisations to agree on how health, safety and welfare will be managed in joint operations
  • Effectively managing, monitoring and reviewing our health and safety performance

The Policy Statement will be reviewed and amended as necessary.

ANGUSalive supports equality of opportunity in the provision of our services to the community and in relation to employment. We oppose all forms of unlawful or unfair discrimination on the grounds of race, disability, gender, religion/belief, age, sexual orientation, marital/civil partnership status, gender reassignment, and pregnancy and maternity.

We believe that we should adopt and promote policies which are in the best interests of the Angus community and workforce, which aim to:

  • provide accessible services
  • promote accessibility of information
  • make the best possible use of our workforce and attract, develop and retain good quality employees
  • develop and maintain communication and consultative links
  • continuously monitor the level of progress against our equality outcomes
Commissioned by ANGUSalive and the Angus Place Partnership at the outset of the pandemic, the Angus Cultural Strategy sets out an exciting forward plan and additional support for Angus’ local culture and heritage sector as it emerges from lockdown.

The strategy has been developed by consultancy Culture Radar with invaluable collaborative input from almost 200 local culture and heritage professionals, freelancers and community groups with support from Angus Council, Creative Scotland and the Angus Community Planning Partnership.

Angus Cultural Strategy

Angus Cultural Strategy Extract

The Planning Partnership has been in place since the start of 2020 and its members have been responsible for driving forward development of the Angus Sport and Physical Activity Framework throughout the pandemic.

Learn more about the framework here.

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