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9 Simple Ways that Angus Libraries can save you HUNDREDS of pounds!

Libraries in Angus are open for business and could save you hundreds of pounds.

Libraries were among the last to reopen as covid restrictions were lifted which harmed the speed of their recovery. As a result, customer numbers are lower than pre-2020 levels.

Now with the cost-of-living crisis and rising inflation, libraries are more valuable than ever before.

Here are the free offerings at Angus Libraries – and how much money they can save you.


Membership of the library provides you with free online access to a vast selection of digital newspapers and magazines via PressReader.

Accessible via your laptop, iPad or mobile, newspapers can also be downloaded for reading at another time.

Estimated annual saving: £400



Membership of the library offers a vast selection of digital magazines to choose from and enjoy.

From women’s magazines to topic specific magazines, the database covers all needs and wants.

These are available via PressReader, or the Libby app that contains more than 4,000 popular magazines chosen by Angus librarians.

Saving: £300



An extensive collection of e-books can be borrowed and consumed virtually.

Library members also have access to all the latest book releases, which can be read via the electronic device of their choosing.

Angus librarians have recently added 852 books and 126 audiobooks to choose from.

Avoid the clutter of ordering too many books from Amazon, and save on the cost, by either borrowing a physical book from the library or choosing from the vast e-book catalogue online.

Saving: £200

Hot-desks in Angus Libraries


In this new world of hybrid working, sometimes it’s nice to have a change of scene from being stuck in the office or surrounded by domesticity at home.

Several of the libraries offer free, spacious studying or working hot desks with access to free Wi-Fi.

Additionally, every library offers wireless printing so even if you are working from home, you can send your documents to print at the library at a convenient time.

That means there is no need to replace expensive ink or battle with paper jams at home when such an easy convenient and low cost alternative is available in your local library.

Saving: £200


Computers and internet

Members have access to the library computers on which you can send and receive email, prepare a PowerPoint presentation, create spreadsheets and databases- and print.

All Angus Libraries have at least one computer with a flatbed document scanner for customer use.

Saving: £200


Jigsaw Exchange Service

If you love a jigsaw, there’s no need to go out and buy one and create more clutter at home.

Angus Libraries have a collection of adult and children’s puzzles available to borrow via the jigsaw puzzle swap service.

Each jigsaw puzzle is complete, with no missing pieces, is in excellent condition and in its original box.

So if you’re looking to de-stress after work, or an activity that can be enjoyed by all the family, the Jigsaw Exchange Service is a cost-free answer and is available at all libraries.

Saving: £50



Up to 12 books, including children’s books and audiobooks can be borrowed for up to four weeks before returning or renewing them.

Renewing books for another four weeks can be done simply online, if they’ve not been reserved by anyone else.

Late return fees have now also been scrapped, meaning you don’t have to fear incurring a fee by borrowing a book, or two!

New releases and other books can also be reserved for borrowing online.

Saving: £100



If you’re interested in exploring your family history, then this is the resource for you.

Members of Angus Libraries have access via library computers to Ancestry, the world’s largest online library of family history information, saving you £69.99 on a six-month online subscription.

Online access from home is also available for anyone wishing to search Ancestry’s Angus Collections.

Annual saving: £140


Kirriemuir Seed Library

If you love gardening, this is a fantastic resource for those who are green-fingered.

Exclusive to ANGUSalive Library members, the Kirriemuir Seed Library is a partnership between Sustainable Kirriemuir and ANGUSalive Libraries.

Experienced and novice gardeners are invited to share a resource of open-pollinated seeds that suit local growing conditions, a library of knowledge and information, plus the experience of local seed library volunteers.


How to join

Pop into one of your local Angus libraries or visit join-borrow-renew to discover how to become a member.

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