Civilisations Festival

ANGUSalive's BBC Civilisations Festival
2-11 March

Published: Thursday 1 March 2018

ANGUSalive are hosting a series of events in our museums and libraries to promote the new BBC Civilisations series, which will explore the visual culture of societies from around the globe.

These events will celebrate the concept of civilisation which will be examined in the new BBC series, inspired by the original Kenneth Clark Civilisations programmes aired in 1969.

In the theme of depicting visual culture, we also have two of art exhibition openings during BBC Civilisations Week:

Rachel Benvie, Programmes and Events Curator, commented:

"What do we mean by the term civilisation? Are we any more 'civilised' now than for example, the Picts? Come and find out in our inspiring and varied series of events over the week, exploring the lives of the people over a thousand years ago to our own in the twenty first century. What other series of events could look at the meaning of art in the time before written records, showcase a unique display of modern artwork and display sophisticated technology represented by a 3D printer all in a week in Angus?"

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